Let me see if I can outline some individuals days with their 9 to 5 job or what ever time you have. Before I begin this is just an example because I know it can vary.

So that annoying alarm clock goes off and you hit the snooze button several times. Just had to get in a few extra minutes before the ‘rat race’ begins. Boy how I wish I could say goodbye to my job or just call in sick. I can not do that. I will miss a day’s pay and I can not afford that.  If I did that I would be further behind with my work at the office.

So I jump out of bed, had my shower got ready but no time for breakfast. Before I go I would have to  make sure the kids are ready for school, have their lunches, books and ready for the bus. I grab a coffee, orange juice and run out the door.

So you take a long deep breath and get yourself prepared for the commute to work. (Not to long ago I had a flat tire before I started to work) Sometimes you have to fight the traffic and it usually takes you ½ hour to get there but today there was some unexpected construction and it took you about 15 minutes more. Oh no, I was going to relax and have another coffee, no time.

So instead you just go to your desk and try to get things organized before you start your day. In comes your boss ‘under your breath you say what the heck does he want now.’ No good morning, how was your commute, just right to the point. We need to have the closing of the sale for this firm done today and no later. I need it on my desk before you leave. You agree and say yes I will have it done. So now you will definitely have to work through your lunch. You will grab something from the vending machine because you forgot your lunch at home. I have done that before because we are usually in a hurry

Today the darn phone is ringing off the hook, more than usual. The printer went on the blink so you had to share one for the day.

So you call home and leave a message saying you will be late. Let everyone know to eat and you will grab something when you get home. Tonight is your daughters dancing lesson.

You get the closing for the sale done and most of your everyday work done, but maybe you will try and get in early tomorrow or work through your lunch again.

DONE, out the door rush home and pray the traffic is good. Finally home, have a few minutes to chat and eat then out the door for your daughters dancing. After you daughter’s lesson home.

Do dishes, make lunches, tidy up. Make sure the kids have their homework done and ready for bed. Now I have some quality time, maybe with hubby and watch news. Nope too exhausted time for bed. Check alarm, say good night. That was my enjoyable day, hope it is better tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar? I have a 7 to 4 job. I do not have enough time in one day to do what I want. Sometimes no time for myself.

This is why I started my online business. At the moment I do it part-time. I say my ‘Just over broke’ job interferes with my business. You see I do not want to have this routine, answer to everyone, and punch a time clock. I want to enjoy my loved ones, have financial freedom. Travel more because I think everyone should. There is so much to see and learn. Also we need time to kick off our shoes and enjoy. Relax, get away from our everyday routine, hassle and the stress.

So if you want to change you can. Believe in yourself. Do not say you can’t and do not give up. Yes you can do it.