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Facebook – Social Networking Website

This is a social networking website operated and owned by Facebook. It was founded in Feb. 2004. At the beginning, membership was restricted to students from Howard University.

This site helps you to communicate with your friends, family and coworkers. Anyone can sign up and communicate with people.

Facebook is the second most used social site in the world. It has led the industry in giving people tools to control their information you share and with whom you wish to share.

Here are some facts:

1.It has over 900 employees.
2.There are 31 million active users.
3.Since January 2007 more than 100,000 new registrations
4.It hosts over 1.7 billion photos

Offices: Headquarters: Palo Alto California. Us Offices Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and New York
International Offices: Dublin, Ireland, London, Paris. Sydney and Toronto

User facts:

1.Average user has 130 friends.
2.Average user spends 55 minutes per day.
3.Average writes 25 comments on Facebook a month.
4.Average user is invited to 3 events a month.
5.Average user a member of 12 groups.
About 70% of Facebook users are outside of US.

Mobile: More than 65 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook are on their mobile devices almost 50% more active on Facebook than non-mobile users. There are more than 180 mobile operators in 60 countries working and promote Facebook mobile products.

Some products:

1. Facebook Chat: It enables users to communicate this way with out any extra installations.
2. Networks: There are a lot of networks and most of them based around school or work place.
3. Events: This application is a resource to let friends know about interesting events coming up and also to organize the social gathers.
4. Market place: This is an application for listing items for sale, housing to rent, jobs etc. Also you can use this to find items you want to buy or use.
5. Newsfeed: This is updated. It is a list of new stories about user friends activities on Facebook and main section on home page.

In January 2009 did a study and ranked Facebook as the most used social network by worldwide active users.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others.
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Attraction marketing is not about the old methods of cold calling, buying your list through e-mails, making a sales pitch or some other ways of trying to get people to buy from you.

This method is a brand new phase to replace the old school ways of network marketing. It helps you to work smarter, not harder. This method helps by targeting qualified prospects that will, or want to visit your website for a specific reason. Also it helps you to build a relationship with them by providing value.

It will also help you position yourself as a leader Help you brand yourself by having something valuable to offer without expecting any thing in return. It is about helping people with their problem or problems, and offering information to people you already know who are looking for this.

A leader is someone who can offer value and help individuals get to where they want to go you must remember though, that you also have to be willing to take advice, but also take action.

Myself I have often wondered why some people have become famous, or some rise to power and or leadership. My opinion, some people are better attracting other people. Certain ones have developed a skill for leadership, or mastered the art of connecting with others. You have probably heard some are born with a natural way of connecting and attracting people to them..Do not get upset or discouraged, because these qualities can be learned with practice.

Your goal is to attract people to you, rather than having to hunt them down by using the old way. Important principle to remember, people would rather do business with someone they are attracted to.

You must feel good about yourself, because it will be reflected on others and they will pick up on this. If you feel good about yourself, this does not mean you have to be better than anyone else. When you feel this way, you want others to feel this way also. This is so true, most people do not have the courage to truly be themselves and if you can do this, people pick up on it. They will want to follow you and get to know you.

To implement this strategy, begin your marketing efforts by identifying your prospects goals and help solve their problems. Remember we all need help and advice, no matter who we are. No one is always right or perfect.

To succeed in attraction marketing you must think ahead. How do you see your business in 3 to 5 years or less? This is very important. Why? This will keep you motivated to help you succeed with your business. Think of the impact your business will have on everyone.

This is a topic that you could go on and on about, but I hope this gives you more insight of why this is so valuable to everyone involved. Take one step at a time, in time you will master it.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others. If you are frustrated, tired of no leads or spending more money than you are earning. Here is a solution, discover how. Go here.

Article Writing Online- The Value

When writing your article you must try to be personal, truthful and sincere. It is an excellent idea to add your experience because when someone is reading your article they get to know you.

If you are not sure of your writing skills, pick a subject and just start writing, what ever comes to your mind. Remember to write as if you are talking to someone in person.

Very important to make your article appealing to the eyes of your reader. Using bullets or numbers help your article look organized and easier to read for your audience.
Some people add photographs, graphs and videos pertaining to the articles they have written.

One important factor when writing your article is, do not pitch and try to sell your product or opportunity. Just like when you are shopping or just looking and you have a sales person right there, trying to sell you something. Yes I know some sales people are on commission and I would not be an expert at this. I do not like a pushy sales person. There are ways to do this properly and this is the same with your article.

When I first started I asked why articles were so valuable. It works, very effective and it is free. Many of you with little budget or no budget start this way. Also the search engines like articles and one of them is Google.

To be successful with article marketing you have to discipline yourself and schedule yourself to do your writing on a consistent basis. Take massive action and doing it on a consistent basis will help you become better with it as time goes on. Looking at other writers work is very beneficial because you get ideas from their work.

You must catch the reader’s attention. The title is so important. It is important to get their attention so they will take an interest and want to continue reading your article.

You do not have time to write articles and writing is not your style. That is okay. You can hire writers, but make sure they have a good reputation. Just do your homework and do some research so you can determine who you wish to do your writing for you. Make sure the content is original and request to see some examples of their work. Also the prices do vary some but do not just go by the price.

Article Submission Software is being widely used and this allows you to do multiple submissions at one time. With this software it has auto formatting which is compatible with most article directory guidelines.

With submitting you articles, you have to make sure that you copy everything in the article, including links, description and paste to the submission site. Everything is much easier and quicker. Submitting articles is something you need to do to help you generate lots of traffic

When you first start submitting an article it will take you time to get use to it. Just be patient and find the sites you are interested in and want to use.
Article marketing does not have to be difficult. You need knowledge and the fundamentals, but you need to be consistent.

Writing articles is an awesome way to increase sales, subscribers, and traffic to your blog or website.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others.
So if you are frustrated tired of no leads, spending more money than you are earning. Here is a solution, discover how. Go here Have a awesome day.

Our Future- The Secret To Our Success

I watched this video and was so impressed, it actually ” blew me away.” I know that I will definitely watch it several times. There was so much information and knowledge to gain from it. Things in life we never would expect to happen, or could happen. The secret is ” Law of Attraction” it is ongoing. Do not focus on things you do not want in life. Focus on what you want in life. You must feel good, and your feelings and thoughts cause this. There are three things you must ask yourself. What do you want in life, next believe that it is already yours and lastly, receive it and feel it now and do not doubt it. ACT NOW!

It also indicates to make a list of what we are grateful for. When I am down, want to give up, feel sorry for myself, I look around and see how other people live. Then I realize how lucky I am. Then we are to visualize it. Dwell on the end results. Visualize what you want, because we as a whole become what we think. That is so true and scary. We must embrace on what we want. Remember this it is never too late.

Your purpose in life is up to you. Our life is what we created. It is our choice. Follow your likes and what you want in life. We all deserve to be happy, add value to our life and be the best we can.

Okay, again I will repeat this, start now. Change your way of thinking and do not look back. START NOW!!! Take action!

Yes I know it may not be easy, but if we want it , see it, this is our dream and goals, to me it is worth it. It should make you proud and very happy, because you are taking the steps to your ‘financial freedom.’

I would recommend everyone to watch ‘The Secret’

To everyone’s success!

Online Business- How To Survive?

To Succeed You Must Become a Professional

In general, most of us when we first start our online, offline business we have too. Why? We have lost our job, we are not financial stable, dislike our job, or want to spend more time with our love ones.

As we venture and continue we find out that the skills necessary to succeed are completely foreign, time consuming and very overwhelming. You become very frustrated and wonder what you are getting into. This is scary and you are getting away from your comfort zone.

Building a business from ‘scratch’ for the first time is very difficult. For some more than others, depending on your circumstances. We will face failure but learning on a daily basis. Realize when doing your business there will be productive and non productive days.

This is an industry of entrepreneurship by people who have no business ownership experience. There is a steep learning curve and we must go through. You have probably heard that entrepreneurs are a different type of person. At first I did not understand what that meant but I do now. The only way you are going to succeed in this business is by leadership.

You must understand that this business is all about marketing. When we do this business the correct way, you do not sell. You also do not ask people to join your business, they ask you. When done correct people pay you to prospect them.

The big picture is that 99 % of the network marketers do not do it correctly. Why? They don’t know how to market. This business is about networking. You must learn how to do calls, meeting people, building relationships, trust and value. The key to effective marketing is to promote and sell a generic solution and system. This is so important. Do not use your primary business on the front end, you do not try and promote your business.

So please do not place the emphasis on your MLM Company. That is selling individuals with a problem. We try to have a solution, help, or fix their problem. We become very important to them. Remember, a quick way to prosper in life is to solve other people’s problems and guide them. Let them know we care.

Prospects- How to Find Them

You want to market to people who have been in a home based business at one time, or other networkers. You are probably going to say why? I will explain. Network marketers already believe in the business. They are not going to give-up. They have already spent money in this industry. Such as training, tapes, e-books or other businesses. Network marketers are willing to purchase what ever it takes to help them be successful.

If you want to make your life easy, make a lot of money and enjoy doing this, stay within your target marketer, network marketers and those looking into network marketing. To your success.