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MRM System – Direct Matches

Direct Matches is a company which is held under the laws of the state of Delaware Us. The company started in 2004 and is using today’s technology to connect and network people. The company has offices in Ruston, Virginia.

Direct Matches designed the Multi Referral Marketing System. (MRM) The system enables people with varying levels of experience to build a successful business using the Prime-4 Compensation Plan, training, and the software.

This company is one of the first to establish online business and social networking to have its service using network marketing for delivery to our market place.

Their low cost service is affordable to all and you have the opportunity to earn extra income while meeting new people and growing a relationship.

You can sign up at a no cost to receive a profile of yourself, a MRM system, reports on sales and your own Back Office that you can preview at your convenience.

The marketing system gives entrepreneurs with different experience levels the opportunity to build a business and earn income various ways.

This business allows Free Members and Basic Customers to register or sign-up from companies all over the world.

Direct Matches only offers its business opportunity to Representatives inside US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. The reasons are, there are specific regulations in different countries with regards to business registration, income tax, marketing laws and other laws related to network marketing industry,

This company focuses with small business professional entrepreneurs and network marketers. Also the focus on Social Networking needs with its members in the friendship and dating fields.

Prime-4-Reward Compensation Plan: You can receive income from four separate sources. These 4 sources of sales volume flow through one powerful yet easy plan. Income is derived from paid business customers, paid non business customers and upgrading managing or Executive business builders.

The Prime-4 Reward pay plan with the MRM system makes it realistic for anyone to earn a weekly income, part-time or full-time. While you build relationships you will grow and also build your income.

Residual Income-Business Option One: The Executive Independent Representative pays $29.95 each month and earns money four ways. Earnings you can earn up to $1200.00 every week. The customer can earn up to $2000.00 per week.

Business Option Two: The Independent Representatives pay $19.95 per month. You can earn three ways. You can earn up to $6000.00 per week. If Customer up to $2000.00 per week.

There are two promotional methods on customer both non Business and Business Customers. Managing up to $4000.00 a week The Power of 4 Earning Potential: There are two legs which must be built with Prime-4-Reward Compensation Plan. When four sales of the same are in one leg and four sales of the same are in the other leg a payment is made. This can occur as often as the sales are made and pay is derived from infinite levels. If one leg is stronger than the other the volume is held in the stronger leg until the four sales of the same are completed in the weaker leg.

The Plan: Members are eligible to upgrade to a higher plan. All members including Free Members are placed in the genealogy. Managing and Executive Representatives are eligible for commissions. Your personal Business Opportunity Website and personal non Business Opportunity Website are sent to you in a welcome e-mail.

How to get started? You can become a Free Member, a Customer, Managing or Executive Representative. Complete your registration and your remaining profile information to help you meet other members. When you have completed your registration you can log onto your site. You can then go to the pages of interest. There is an e-mail system, chat, forums, web messenger, Back Office, which is completely yours. Your training for MRM is found on your profile page on the MRM link.

Your job is to invite people to your Direct Matches Website and ask them to join for free and give them a place to advertise their business and receive free training. You can sell and recruit and give an invite.

This company is very easy, fun and can become the perfect home business or just build a relationship. Entirely up to you.

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Working Moms – Can an Online Business Help?

Spending time with your children is very exhausting, especially after working all day. Also it can be very expensive for daycare. When you arrive home from your job, your work does not stop. You still have to take care of the children, make sure they are fed, clean, help with their homework or attend their activities they belong to, and lastly ready for bed.

You also have to spend quality time with them. Be there for them as much as possible, especially if they are an infant or toddler. Creating a balance between your little ones can be very tedious and tiring. They need your attention just like your job does. To avoid an emotional and physical breakdown, I would like to give you some helpful tips to help you balance time between your children and work.

Planning and having a schedule is so important. Plan your appointments, meals, grocery list, shopping, and laundry ahead of time. Routine is so vital and you must plan a schedule for your children. Especially for the little ones. Yes this can be a challenge but keep at it, because usually they will adapt. This will be better for you. It will help you manage your time better.

It would be easier for you, if you did you duties on a consistent basis and doing a little at one time. An example would be, do the laundry when you can through the week. This will make your work load not as tiring. Also have your children’s clothes and lunches ready for the next day. Do this in the evening.

It is vital to spend time with your little ones before bedtime. Usually story time is a good way to do this. Gives you quality time with them and helps you wind down. Lastly it is very important to treat you. We must always remember to do this, unfortunately this may not happen. Everyone else comes first and sometimes we may run out of time for ourselves.

Balancing your life between work and your children requires time, patience, discipline and love. Yes there may be times you go insane, and it is a challenge. Believe me I know what it is like to work all day and have little ones at home. You are tired, exhausted, and try to do your best. You know you have to work and in some ways you feel guilty. You wish you could be home and spend more time with your love ones.

Well there is a solution. You have probably heard or read on the internet how there are more stay at home moms who quit their job and just work at home. This is becoming a trend. Unfortunately in most cases depending on your circumstances this will not happen over night. It will take time and planning. Myself, I wish I had the opportunity when my daughter was younger to work at home. So here is a suggestion or solution, have your business at home, spend more quality time with your child or children. In the long run everyone will benefit as time goes on.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others.

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Numis- Is It For Everyone? Yes – How?

The business Numis is the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the marketing industry. Graded numismatic collectible coins have never been sold this way before.

Numis network is about helping people collect money with using silver and gold numismatic coins.

What does “numismatic” mean? The study and collecting of money.

You know you are buying the highest grade of silver and gold collectible coins there are. Why? Numis only sells coins which have been certified by the largest and most trusted coin graded services. They are ANACS, NGC, and PCGS.

The numismatic coins are not just an ordinary coin, they are very special. The value of these coins is based on their metal content but also the rarity and demand for coins and their condition. A big factor everyone must understand is they are certified and graded by experts which make them more valuable. This makes them more valuable than upgraded silver or gold bullion type of coins.

The standard grading for coins is a Sheldon scale which ranges 1 to 70, with 70 being the highest grade, which is a flawless coin in perfect condition.

Numis network provides your need to attract and enroll new representatives and customers into your business.

You have a website and a shop numis website also. You have online marketing system, training, videos, and sales. There are special events and conference calls.

The business started in August of 2009 in Tampa Florida. It was founded by a team of visionary experts who comprise of the top talent from their specialties.

The founders are Jan Cordell, Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian and Mike Mezack. Probably many of you have seen or heard of Mike Mezack who is on TV for the Home Collector Show on Home Shopping Network. Over his career he has produced sales in excess of one billion dollars.

There are 2 types of customers.

Retail Customer: They purchase from your website or you directly. They pay the retail prices.

Preferred: They qualify for the discounted prices, by purchasing the Fast Tract Collector’s kit. Preferred are entitled to buy the coins at the same prices as a representative.

There are two types of Independent Collector Representatives

Associate Representatives: They purchase the Associate Representative Basic Option.
Executive Representatives: Purchase or earn the optional Executive Success System.

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit: This kit is a professionally developed kit which provides you with everything you need. In the kit is a graded coin case which is for safety and to displace your collectible coins. You also receive your first MS70 silver American eagle. You receive ” coins are cool videos’ and a membership in the Silver of the Month Club, which you receive a certified silver coin each month.

Compensation Plan: This tracks and pays you on three distinct organization structures. The binary downline for cycle bonuses, the enroller for matching bonuses, and the powerful coded organization for your coded matching bonuses. Also the Fast Tract Collector Bonuses that you earn income immediately introducing the customer to the Fast Track Collector’s Kit.

When you collect any coin graded MS70 from Numis, any one can be proud to know that you have a coin that is valuable, but also beautiful. A coin you will be proud to own and treasure. Also remember these coins are an asset. If you choose to join the business and you are on just auto ship, you still gain. You have nothing too loose.

Success to everyone is not the same whether it is complete financial freedom you desire but it is a big factor. We all deserve to be successful, happy and spend quality time with our love ones.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others. If you are frustrated, spending more money than you are earning. Here is a solution, discover how. Go here.

You have probably heard this on many occasions while surfing the net. I have this awesome business online. It is one of the best on the market. It will make you money as soon as you get started. When can I sign you up? I know this is not the way to approach someone. I would rather run the other way. My answer would be, no thanks, I am not interested.

Ask your prospect questions. Such as, if they have a business, or are looking for one. You also need to know or have an idea of their goals and what they expect to achieve. How much time are they willing to put into their business? How much money they would like to earn? Are they looking for part time or full time? You will know how serious they are by their answers.

Yes it can be very difficult to do this if you are working a 9 to 5 job. If you are serious, you will do your business the best way you can. Yes it may take longer to accomplish your goals, but do not get disappointed or discourage.

Let your prospect tell you what they want, guide them. You must build a relationship. Give them value, let them know you are a real person who cares. Remember you must give them value from the beginning. Direct them, let them know you understand how they feel.

As soon as you can do this, you are on your way. Now you are becoming the expert. Your prospect may need time to digest the information you gave them. Let them know they can call you. Do not pursue them, unless they ask, feel them out.

If they have their own business, you do not want to say, your business is the best. It is up to the individual to make their decision. Just answer their questions, give advice, be willing to help if you can. Most of all be honest, sincere and let them know you care.

There are a lot of businesses online and yes it can be very difficult to choose one. Go by how you feel, and how you were treated. Also take your time. You want a business that you will enjoy and believe in.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others.
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