Hi my name is Marnee and I was born in Guelph Ontario, but lived in a town called Acton, most of my childhood. We had a ‘hobby’ farm and this is where I grew up and gained my love of horses. As a youngster I showed ponies at the local fairs. We did very well but I was not really interested showing at the time. My first horse my dad bought for me in my late teens. Her name was Roxie. A few years later I decide to broaden my skills and took riding lessons. I raised a foal, called her Miss Leah and showed her. At the age of 25 I had to say good-bye to my friend and ‘teacher’, I learned so much from her. She became very ill with arthritis.

After leaving Acton I moved to Brantford. I worked in Retail most of my life. My most well liked job was London Goodwill. It consisted of Retail and Rehab for certain employees. I trained and evaluated individuals with vocational disabilities. This was completed through WCB/WSIB and the Ministry of Communications and Social Services. I gained so much knowledge and learned so much about people and MYSELF. Unfortunately it came to an end after 10 years. This company still exists but not in my location. I also worked in Telemarketing and now I work in a factory called Strubs Corp Ltd. which is the largest family-owned pickle producer in Canada.  Strubs processes and packs more then 60 million pickles each year.  It distributes them through supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and institutes across Canada and the US.  This company started in a small Hamilton, Ontario kitchen by Sophie and Michael Strub.  The products they produce are not just pickles; they also make pickled eggs, horseradish, sauerkraut, relish, sweet pimentos, dill tomatoes, hot pepper rings and many more products as well.  One of my favorites is pickled eggs.

As I was growing up I was taught to get an education, a job and stick with it. Even if this means long hours, so be it. Sure I became very devoted to my jobs, reliable and work very hard, but I was getting nowhere and this is not what I wanted.

I love the outdoors, antiques and travelling. At one time I had the opportunity to do this. Almost every year I was planning a trip. I feel everyone should travel. There is so much to see and learn.

My parents remarried and both had children from their first marriage. Altogether I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters we are not close, and this is very unfortunate. I have a daughter and granddaughter who are so important to me. My daughter’s name is Cassandra and my granddaughter’s name is Aaliyah. My daughter followed my footsteps for the love of horses. She took riding lessons for several years. Now she is preparing herself  for University, going through as an RN. My granddaughter I call her my ‘little sunshine’.

My dad was always working so I never really knew him. He always called me his ‘little girl’ and he passed on his love of horses and knowledge to me. My dad had 2 jobs for several years. My grandfather, uncle, and my dad owned a dairy when I was younger. It was called the Masales Dairy. My dad used the milk wagon with a horse called Nell. She was so remarkable. I could tell you a lot of stories about her. She was on her route for 16 years and she retired at 21. She retired and was with us on our farm till she was 25.

My dad rode and showed a lot till he started his family. He was an awesome rider but very set in his ways. The “Old School” way, learn everything on your own.  My dad would not have any training or riding lessons. He did not believe in this, this was a waste of time and money. This is why I waited till I was older to take lessons and start showing again.

Growing up I was not close to my mom, until I was in my 20s, then we became very close and great friends. She was a very gifted lady. She was a hairdresser, chef, did oil and toll painting, refinished furniture which she taught me. She loved reading, gardening, and she enjoyed riding horses as well. She also had her own business with my one sister, called the Old Tyme Shop. I remember her always saying treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat everyone equal. She always told me I was so different from my brothers and sisters, but I never knew what she meant, but I think I understand now. I am not scared to take risks, challenges and very seldom give up.  I am very tired of my 9 to 5 job because I am getting no where. Always wishing I had more money, and time but it never happened… At one point I had 3 jobs but usually had 2.  No time for my family, friends or myself.

About a year ago I started looking for new challenges.  I wanted financial freedom, to spend more time with my family, travel, and volunteer again. Above all I wanted to be my own boss. So I decided to take the ‘plunge’ and start my own online business.

I admit I was nervous, in fact terrified wondering how to do it. Computers and I really did not get along. I was afraid of them, but I began learning every day to master them.

I can also relate and understand if time is an issue, especially if you have a full time job. The way I see it is my 9 to 5 job interferes with my business, I just think of the end results and make a point to spend a certain amount of time per week on your business and be consistent. Yes it will take longer to build your business but be patient.

We all have dreams and goals, picture them, believe in yourself, and do not give up.  Our purpose in life is totally up to us. Our life is what we have created. It is our choice. Follow your likes, goals, dreams and what you want in life… We all deserve to be happy, add value, and be the best we can.

To your success.