The Mindset

The word can’t you learned at a very young age in your life. It is a very powerful word in our vocabulary. Most individuals use it a lot and this is where it becomes so powerful. We let ourselves believe we can not accomplish our dreams and goals. Also we use it as an excuse or an easy way out and we let it rule us.

You must realize that the entrepreneurial mindset does not mean that you must be very intelligent and have more education. If you have done some research you will realize that some very successful entrepreneurs did not finish their high school education. Until I did some research I did not believe this. You must think like an entrepreneur. They do not let things get them down or say that’s it I quit. They see problems as an opportunity to learn and do not let setbacks get in their way. They have the stamina, will power, determination which keeps them striving. They know what the outcome could be.

You must believe in yourself, and remember what your dreams and goals are. Ask yourself, can I succeed with my job I have and accomplish what I would like to have in life. If the answer is no or probably not then here is your opportunity. Myself I wanted to be financial free and I knew I could not succeed with just a 9 to 5 job.

Sure I was terrified at first and yes the first words I said were, I can’t do this. I am a newbie, no computer skills and so on. My attitude has changed, but remembers it takes time and well power. You must believe in yourself. Maybe other people do not believe in you, so be it. Let them voice their opinion. You must realize the only one you need to deal with is you, no one else.  If you listen to everyone with their negative attitude this could do a lot of damage. You may quit and say yes they were correct.  I can’t do this. How crazy you were to think you could do this. This is a waste of time and you just stick to your job and say I am secure.  No you are not. You could loose your job any time. There are no guarantees.

Those without the entrepreneurial spirit fail at having a successful business more so than those who become entrepreneurs at heart.

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