It does not matter what company or business you are in the employee moral can drop drastically. Some of the moral boosters can be inexpensive and depends on how you present them.

• You must treat employees with respect even if they do not respect you. Showing your temper, cursing, and reprimanding them in an inappropriate area is not the way to go. Everyone who hears first or second hand of your behavior will lose respect for you. Also will wonder if they will be the next one to receive your temper.

• You must show an interest in your employees’ personal life. So in that way you acknowledge their hardships or understand what is happening in their life. This can be a help, because there maybe reasons an employees’ work ethics have changed. Also you are treating them as a person and give them a feeling of worth within the work place. One company I worked for my boss did this. She made us feel welcome and interested in our lives. It was a small business but she knew a little about each of us and our family. Also we knew about her life.

• Allow employees to gain ownership of their ‘jobs’ so they can be part of the decision making process. When it comes to duties, dead line and goals. Though my own experience I know this does not happen that often and it should. Usually we have little say and are told ‘what to do’, not how to do it. They don’t let us give the feed back and they should. We are the ones doing the different jobs and operations. We can not, and do not tell our boss what their job duties are.

• A pleasant work environment is so important. Make sure the area we work in, is safe. The heat and air conditioning is in working order.

• Remember to show your appreciation and say please and thank you. Sometimes I am told I say it too often.

• Establish ’employee recognition’ which allows you to let everyone know which employees received this and why. This happened to me once and personally I was surprised but happy and proud. Also it gave me an incentive to continue giving my best in the work place.

• Stand by your employees. Be there for them if you need to, depending on the circumstances. We all know the saying “customers are always right’ be there for unhappy customers, suppliers and employees. Do not take sides but take the appropriate steps.

• Must give clear direction and priorities. If these two factors are not in place, then probably things that need to be done are not done. Many individuals need direction. Not all though.

• Lay offs and cutbacks, of course can reduce employee moral. You should communicate and tell them the reasons for the situations. Clarify what steps are taken and why.

My opinion is employee moral is so important in any business. This is the key to a better work place and production. We need to feel important and we are. Every business needs employees and it does not matter how many or what position. Unfortunately this is not always the case and we continue working under poor positions.

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