Direct Matches is a company which is held under the laws of the state of Delaware Us. The company started in 2004 and is using today’s technology to connect and network people. The company has offices in Ruston, Virginia.

Direct Matches designed the Multi Referral Marketing System. (MRM) The system enables people with varying levels of experience to build a successful business using the Prime-4 Compensation Plan, training, and the software.

This company is one of the first to establish online business and social networking to have its service using network marketing for delivery to our market place.

Their low cost service is affordable to all and you have the opportunity to earn extra income while meeting new people and growing a relationship.

You can sign up at a no cost to receive a profile of yourself, a MRM system, reports on sales and your own Back Office that you can preview at your convenience.

The marketing system gives entrepreneurs with different experience levels the opportunity to build a business and earn income various ways.

This business allows Free Members and Basic Customers to register or sign-up from companies all over the world.

Direct Matches only offers its business opportunity to Representatives inside US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. The reasons are, there are specific regulations in different countries with regards to business registration, income tax, marketing laws and other laws related to network marketing industry,

This company focuses with small business professional entrepreneurs and network marketers. Also the focus on Social Networking needs with its members in the friendship and dating fields.

Prime-4-Reward Compensation Plan: You can receive income from four separate sources. These 4 sources of sales volume flow through one powerful yet easy plan. Income is derived from paid business customers, paid non business customers and upgrading managing or Executive business builders.

The Prime-4 Reward pay plan with the MRM system makes it realistic for anyone to earn a weekly income, part-time or full-time. While you build relationships you will grow and also build your income.

Residual Income-Business Option One: The Executive Independent Representative pays $29.95 each month and earns money four ways. Earnings you can earn up to $1200.00 every week. The customer can earn up to $2000.00 per week.

Business Option Two: The Independent Representatives pay $19.95 per month. You can earn three ways. You can earn up to $6000.00 per week. If Customer up to $2000.00 per week.

There are two promotional methods on customer both non Business and Business Customers. Managing up to $4000.00 a week The Power of 4 Earning Potential: There are two legs which must be built with Prime-4-Reward Compensation Plan. When four sales of the same are in one leg and four sales of the same are in the other leg a payment is made. This can occur as often as the sales are made and pay is derived from infinite levels. If one leg is stronger than the other the volume is held in the stronger leg until the four sales of the same are completed in the weaker leg.

The Plan: Members are eligible to upgrade to a higher plan. All members including Free Members are placed in the genealogy. Managing and Executive Representatives are eligible for commissions. Your personal Business Opportunity Website and personal non Business Opportunity Website are sent to you in a welcome e-mail.

How to get started? You can become a Free Member, a Customer, Managing or Executive Representative. Complete your registration and your remaining profile information to help you meet other members. When you have completed your registration you can log onto your site. You can then go to the pages of interest. There is an e-mail system, chat, forums, web messenger, Back Office, which is completely yours. Your training for MRM is found on your profile page on the MRM link.

Your job is to invite people to your Direct Matches Website and ask them to join for free and give them a place to advertise their business and receive free training. You can sell and recruit and give an invite.

This company is very easy, fun and can become the perfect home business or just build a relationship. Entirely up to you.

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