Some Advantages with a Network Marketing Business

You are your own boss. You have flexible hours; you decide when, how much time and effort you put into your business.

Residual Income: As long as I can remember I was told that having residual income was so important. Yes I realize now that it is, having your own business there are several ways you get paid. Also. if for some reason you can not work on a consistent basis you still have the opportunity to bring in the money. You do not have to live pay check by paycheck. There are several avenues to earn the income.

Low costs: Having a network marketing business usually offers low costs for you to get started. There is no comparison to a traditional business or Franchises.

The companies you get involved with usually have a plan and marketing strategies to guide you.

Support: You are not along when it comes to building your business, if you need help advice, there is your sponsor/mentor or there will be someone else experienced to guide you.

Training: There is constant training for you from multiple resources. There are webinars, conference calls, videos, eBooks, tapes you can plug into.

Motivation and Support: Motivation is a very important factor when it comes to your business. Especially at the beginning when it can be overwhelming. The majority of the businesses have representatives to conduct seminars and meeting on a regular basis. Attending these keep you motivated and an incentive to keep going if you are having situations which may discourage you. The key is, do not give up. You go at your own pace and be yourself. Find out what you are good at and what you enjoy. Also stay focused.


This takes a lot of effort, persistence, and yes motivation. Rejections will be part of your life and you must be prepared for this. Do not take this personally.

Recruiting: This is the most feared and disliked by a majority of us who start marketing. This is new and you are not sure how to approach your prospects. Remember this is not the “old school” way. You are not required to get in touch with your friends, family or ones whom you had brief acquaintances. You can, but if you choose not to, by no means do this.

Mindset: This is where you do have to change your way of thinking, It takes time but there are many ways to help you stay on ‘track’, This is where training, tapes, books, webinars come in handy also.

Work and Persistence: You will have to learn new skills, strategies, phone, and people skills. This is one I had difficulty with. You see the computer I was terrified of and said it was my enemy. I was a complete ‘Newbie’ I have learned, take each day as it comes, everyday you have learned something new and at least one step a head. Everyone has to remember we all learn at different levels and pace. Some quicker than others. Also time may be a factor but you will find what you are better at and concentrate on what you have difficulty with.

Here are a few facts on the pros and cons of having your own business online. As you can see this may not be for everyone. If you are a self starter, willing to take on challenges and possess leadership qualities then this is for you. If you need constant guidance, motivation to get things done, dislike people and wait for things to happen, this is probably not for you. Remember this! How do you know the answer unless you give it a try?

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