The business Numis is the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the marketing industry. Graded numismatic collectible coins have never been sold this way before.

Numis network is about helping people collect money with using silver and gold numismatic coins.

What does “numismatic” mean? The study and collecting of money.

You know you are buying the highest grade of silver and gold collectible coins there are. Why? Numis only sells coins which have been certified by the largest and most trusted coin graded services. They are ANACS, NGC, and PCGS.

The numismatic coins are not just an ordinary coin, they are very special. The value of these coins is based on their metal content but also the rarity and demand for coins and their condition. A big factor everyone must understand is they are certified and graded by experts which make them more valuable. This makes them more valuable than upgraded silver or gold bullion type of coins.

The standard grading for coins is a Sheldon scale which ranges 1 to 70, with 70 being the highest grade, which is a flawless coin in perfect condition.

Numis network provides your need to attract and enroll new representatives and customers into your business.

You have a website and a shop numis website also. You have online marketing system, training, videos, and sales. There are special events and conference calls.

The business started in August of 2009 in Tampa Florida. It was founded by a team of visionary experts who comprise of the top talent from their specialties.

The founders are Jan Cordell, Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian and Mike Mezack. Probably many of you have seen or heard of Mike Mezack who is on TV for the Home Collector Show on Home Shopping Network. Over his career he has produced sales in excess of one billion dollars.

There are 2 types of customers.

Retail Customer: They purchase from your website or you directly. They pay the retail prices.

Preferred: They qualify for the discounted prices, by purchasing the Fast Tract Collector’s kit. Preferred are entitled to buy the coins at the same prices as a representative.

There are two types of Independent Collector Representatives

Associate Representatives: They purchase the Associate Representative Basic Option.
Executive Representatives: Purchase or earn the optional Executive Success System.

The Fast Track Collector’s Kit: This kit is a professionally developed kit which provides you with everything you need. In the kit is a graded coin case which is for safety and to displace your collectible coins. You also receive your first MS70 silver American eagle. You receive ” coins are cool videos’ and a membership in the Silver of the Month Club, which you receive a certified silver coin each month.

Compensation Plan: This tracks and pays you on three distinct organization structures. The binary downline for cycle bonuses, the enroller for matching bonuses, and the powerful coded organization for your coded matching bonuses. Also the Fast Tract Collector Bonuses that you earn income immediately introducing the customer to the Fast Track Collector’s Kit.

When you collect any coin graded MS70 from Numis, any one can be proud to know that you have a coin that is valuable, but also beautiful. A coin you will be proud to own and treasure. Also remember these coins are an asset. If you choose to join the business and you are on just auto ship, you still gain. You have nothing too loose.

Success to everyone is not the same whether it is complete financial freedom you desire but it is a big factor. We all deserve to be successful, happy and spend quality time with our love ones.

Leading to success by being a network marketer. Love to travel, horses, & antiques. Family person, enjoy life and helping others. If you are frustrated, spending more money than you are earning. Here is a solution, discover how. Go here.

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