You have probably seen several online paid survey programs and wondered how they work and how you are paid. They indicate that members complete the online surveys and you are paid for completing the forms or surveys.

Here Is Some Information to Help You. This may not include all survey companies.

Companies online will pay you from $5.00 to $125.00 for one survey paid to participate.

Online groups you are paid $50.00 to $150.00 per hour.

You are paid to try new products and get paid to keep the product.

Earn money each month for travelling and also get paid. That sounds awesome because I love to travel.

There are offline surveys and you get paid $5.00 to $95.00 for doing these ones.

They indicate you can work your own hours and this does not matter. You have the choice to select your own surveys and choose how long you want to work at them.

Also this impressed me, because they let you know you will not get rich over night or be able to quit your 9 to 5 job tomorrow. They indicate how much you can earn in a month. This of course will depend on you. Everyone is different and it would depend on how many hours and time you can put into it.

A question asked was, why anyone would pay for your opinion. A very important question. Answer was many companies who make and sell their own products like to have some feedback on their products. These companies spend a lot of time and money researching their products and ideas before they are put on the market.

This I found interesting, some movie companies pay you to watch the movies or parts of it. They ask for your ideas and opinions.

The programs involved in the surveys have been checked out and you are guaranteed to receive money. You have that choice of working full time or part time.

You can receive instant access and be working by the following day. You have access to hundreds of companies who pay you for your opinion.

Most of the survey sites have a direct affiliate program. If you have your on blog or website you can also join the programs and have links to your site and promote them so other individuals can join. This way they can earn cash also.

When you are selecting the surveys or forms to complete you become eligible to win prizes as opposed to being paid cash. This is a precaution, because this is entirely up to you.

My opinion would be what ever you choose to do, do your homework and research it. Go with your “gut feelings” and go from there.

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