This is for anyone who wants to start their own business from home, and has no idea where to begin. I can relate to this, because so many of us are in this situation at one time or another.

Before I begin, I am going to tell you my story, but remember everyone may have another story different than mine. I am telling you this, because I do not want you to be in the same situation that I was in.

I started to look into an online business with no idea where to go, or what to believe. I think this is one reason why some of us do not start an online business. I was so inexperienced, a complete “Newbie” with very little knowledge of the computer. Actually in some ways it was my enemy. Why? I was afraid of it. Sure I knew how to do e-mails and surf the net. That was about it.

I wanted to make money fast, the easy way. Get rich over night, be a millionaire, retire from my “just over broke” job tomorrow and fire my boss. This was fantastic. My problems were solved. STOP. How wrong I was.

So my next step was to try something else. All these money making systems, I call them “A Miracle in a Box”. One problem though, there are so many to choose from. I know the one that makes me money fast, be a millionaire over night. Yes this has happened to some individuals, not I though.

So I found my money making machine. Now I am going to be rich, let the system do all the work. That is for me, the lazy way on my part. I was so excited and joined. I was plugged in, and away I go counting all this money I will make in my sleep. This was a big mistake. I was so lost, completely frustrated. What on earth, have I done? You see yes some systems work, but some of them are not made for newbie’s. Sure I was plugged into this system and on my way making money. I had no idea how this system worked and what was involved. I had no idea what was next. I tried for several months to get help. I tried so many different angles and nothing was working. I was told just to go into the back office and I will get all the knowledge I need. I did this, and was completely lost. I tried to get someone to coach me. I needed step by step instructions. Did I get the help? NO! Then I was even more shocked, this system was costing me more money than I thought. The fee to be on the system was breaking me. I thought it was a one time fee. You see that was my fault I did not do my homework.

Okay, what do I do next? Feel sorry for myself and quit completely. Believe me this did cross my path. It was an easy way out. Something held me back. I am not a quitter; I do not give up that easy.

So yes I did quit the system and that was an ordeal in itself. All the channels I had to take.
My next step I was not sure of, but I kept seeking help, advice, coaching and finally received it. I thank everyone for their help and encouragement.

The statistics are, many people quit after 90 days and I can understand why. My advice is: do your homework. If it looks too good to be true, stop and investigate it. Get all the information you can. Ask a lot of questions. If a person wants you to join their system, check them out, because this is so important. Some will promise you the world.

You see I was left out in the cold, blinders on. No one helped me. No sponsor or coach who would help this ‘newbie’ a farm girl who was completely lost in this technology. I felt hurt, ‘stupid’ and foolish. No one had the time for me.

Now I am back on my feet, taking each day as it comes and learning. Yes I still get frustrated; not enough hours in one day to get what I want accomplished, but stop. Do what you can, do not overwhelm yourself, give yourself time and space. You can do it.

So to wind down, remember there are some awesome systems “A Miracle in a Box”. Just do your homework, and take your time. Time is so valuable.

I have found an awesome system now, and it is called MLMLeadSystemPro and yes it is for newbie’s, but I am not promoting it today. This is not the reason why I told you my story. I do not want anyone to make the mistakes I did.

The secret is “Law of Attraction” and this is on going. Do not focus on the things in life you do not want. Focus on what you want in life. Three things you should ask yourself.  They are, what you want in life, next believe that it is already yours. Last of all, receive it, feel it now and do not doubt it. ACT NOW!
Also our purpose in life is up to you. Our life is what we created, it is our choice.

To everyone, follow your dreams and goals and go after them.

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