Mike welcomes you to Marketing Merge Professional Training area. He prepares you and lets you know; you must be patient and take one step at a time. This is so critical. You will learn how to get established on the web and attract prospects to you. What you learn will help you succeed in any type of business and or product you are involved with.

Then he asks you to prepare yourself to be successful. Remember this is up to you. He can only prepare you and guide you… He suggests no less than one week and up to one month to get prepared for the step-by-step training. Before I go any further, do not let this over whelm you.

He gives you steps to prepare yourself for a new beginning. He suggests you do a walk through and explore. The professional training can have a great impact on your life and success.

The start check list is where you should start. Watch the tutorials and follow the directions given to you. You must take you time and ease into it. Be patient and take what ever time it takes, that is okay, there is no time frame.

To start your training go to the ‘Attraction Marketing’ icon this is in the back office. While you are doing this you will be doing marketing on the internet while you are learning.

You will be growing, getting yourself established and building your list of prospects. Also very important you will be building a relationship by sending value, and sharing your story and your personality. Also you will be able to monetize your list for extra-cash flow as you learn. Building a list saves time and cost saving. This is the fundamental key to our success.

The back office takes you to all the icons. Also takes you to tutorials, news articles, and to the ones you will be using in detail.

You also have your own links that promote you and share with people who may want to join with you. They can do so.

There are also trainers, coaches and experts to help you be successful.

One tutorial I suggest you should pay attention to is “How to customize and Personalize Your Training Plan and Business Development.

Just to give you some insight what you will learn in the Social Marketing area is as followed. You will learn Content Sharing, Article Marketing, Blogs and Websites, Misc Tutorials, Writing with Pull, Podcasting and so on.

Mike Klingler’s Training Was a Blessing

How did I get introduced to Renegade University? First of all I received an e-mail on some training he was doing on Twitter. At this point I was desperate, totally confused and yes ready to pack it in. I was completely new and had no idea what I got myself into or what I was doing.

He was my ‘life saver.’ This is my own experience but his training is awesome. There is so much value and Mike encourages you as you go through the training with him. He is so patient, down to earth, one of my goals is, one day have the opportunity to meet him in person. He has so much value to offer you and yes I believe anyone can learn from him. Remember at one point he had to start somewhere just like everyone else.

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