Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on the internet. There are thousands or more new users signing up each day. Businesses of all kinds are using Twitter. You could say twitter is like a portion of a blog. Why? You are limited to 140 characters each time you update. You could compare Twitter like a chat room but it is also used for your friends. This is where it depends on the number of individuals you follow.

Twitter is a great way to meet new people online, who have similar interests that you may have. I like horses and have meet some people on twitter who have a business or liking for horses.

Your setting is very important. The information you entered is very important. What you have entered is also found on Twitter or through various third party applications.

You bio is very important also. I have been told different ways on what you should enter. One way is to describe yourself and another way is to make your bio very unique and make yourself stand out.

Protected Updates: This is for you if you want to have a private account and you approve the followers. If you use Twitter to meet new people this is not the way to go.

Design Tab: Twitter provides a number of alternative ways that you can select or upload your own background. This is a great way to brand you and make it look professional.

Your tweets are very important and should be done on a consistent basis. Do not constantly promote yourself. People will unfollow you very quickly. Twitter is about value and social experience Start tweeting with quotes or links to articles that are of interest. You can post links to your products or sites but keep it a small percent…

Twitter Applications

Tweetdeck: This is awesome because it displays the Tweet streams, your replies and your direct messages all on the screen.

Twellow: People here are categorized into different areas and you can search for those with similar interests to your own.

Twitterfeed: You can set up your blog to feed directly via Rss to twitter account. So every time you post it gets tweeted on your behave.

Twitterlater: This is a useful tool to use with Twitter. It allows you to schedule tweet for various times of the day. By using Tweetlater, you have a greater chance of catching people. Attention throughout the day and in different time zones.

Social Too: This is an automated tool for twitter. You can set your account up to do some autopilot things for you. You can set this up to automatically follow everyone who follows you.

Mr. Tweet: This is another way of gaining new followers. All you have to do is follow

Mr. Tweet on Twitter and your tweets will be monitored and then you will get a Direct Message from him. You then go to the site and login and you will get a list of suggested people. Also you will get a list of people who are following you that you are not following so you choose if you want to follow them.

Split Tweet: Also a great tool if you have a number of accounts on twitter.

Twitter is an application that is used for both business and personal users. There is so much you can learn and do with Twitter. This is just an out line. I have just introduced you to Twitter. Enjoy the benefits.

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