Spending time with your children is very exhausting, especially after working all day. Also it can be very expensive for daycare. When you arrive home from your job, your work does not stop. You still have to take care of the children, make sure they are fed, clean, help with their homework or attend their activities they belong to, and lastly ready for bed.

You also have to spend quality time with them. Be there for them as much as possible, especially if they are an infant or toddler. Creating a balance between your little ones can be very tedious and tiring. They need your attention just like your job does. To avoid an emotional and physical breakdown, I would like to give you some helpful tips to help you balance time between your children and work.

Planning and having a schedule is so important. Plan your appointments, meals, grocery list, shopping, and laundry ahead of time. Routine is so vital and you must plan a schedule for your children. Especially for the little ones. Yes this can be a challenge but keep at it, because usually they will adapt. This will be better for you. It will help you manage your time better.

It would be easier for you, if you did you duties on a consistent basis and doing a little at one time. An example would be, do the laundry when you can through the week. This will make your work load not as tiring. Also have your children’s clothes and lunches ready for the next day. Do this in the evening.

It is vital to spend time with your little ones before bedtime. Usually story time is a good way to do this. Gives you quality time with them and helps you wind down. Lastly it is very important to treat you. We must always remember to do this, unfortunately this may not happen. Everyone else comes first and sometimes we may run out of time for ourselves.

Balancing your life between work and your children requires time, patience, discipline and love. Yes there may be times you go insane, and it is a challenge. Believe me I know what it is like to work all day and have little ones at home. You are tired, exhausted, and try to do your best. You know you have to work and in some ways you feel guilty. You wish you could be home and spend more time with your love ones.

Well there is a solution. You have probably heard or read on the internet how there are more stay at home moms who quit their job and just work at home. This is becoming a trend. Unfortunately in most cases depending on your circumstances this will not happen over night. It will take time and planning. Myself, I wish I had the opportunity when my daughter was younger to work at home. So here is a suggestion or solution, have your business at home, spend more quality time with your child or children. In the long run everyone will benefit as time goes on.

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